A T E L I E R   J U N

AuraLume Colletion

AuraLume embodies an accumulation of paper pulp, watercolors, and light over time. The fascination lies in the repetitive process, where layers of delicate pulp interlace, forming a solid surface, and colors seep and dry.

This experimentation with materials aims to resonate with the myriad dimensions of this process, manipulating both touch and light to create not just an objet but a mindfulness catalyst, invoking the serene qualities found in surrounding. This collection starts with a rounded wall piece crafted from traditional Korean mulberry tree paper, sourced from a Korean paper master.

Its irregular edges and layered surface immerse them in watercolors to impart a unique quality. When mounted on the wall, the back of the light connects to an LED tube, casting a warm illumination across the entire piece.

[⌀ 28cm / Wall Light / Painted on Korea Paper / LED]