A T E L I E R  J U N


Atelier Jun, founded by artist-designer Jun Hong, is rooted in the heart of Seoul. Growing up in a creatively shared environment with artist parents, Jun developed a deep sensitivity to her surroundings and an innate drive for creativity. Today, her work is a reflection of her life experiences and the inspiration she draws from the world around her.

After graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, Jun Hong explored the creation of unique art pieces and delved into interior architecture. Her professional journey took her from London to New York and Seoul. Over the years, her work has become a true reflection of her thoughts, inspirations, and emotions, solidifying her connection to it.

In 2020, Atelier Jun was established. Beyond crafting lighting pieces and objects, our atelier specializes in creating thoughtful illuminated and sculptural pieces, blending tradition with intuition to provide enduring and timeless artistic experiences.

Atelier Jun's collections have been featured at renowned exhibitions such as Salone Satellite, Dutch Design Week, and the Seoul Design Festival  from 2020 to 2023. Our work enjoys an international presence and collaborative partnerships with esteemed entities like 1st Dibs and architectural professionals.

“I shape from the intangible, sketching in my mind's eye. Since childhood, I've been capturing moments and emotions, visualizing lively spaces where the environment harmonizes with people. At Atelier Jun, we seamlessly merge art and design, crafting boundless creations that transcend mere illumination, evoking serenity and contemplation in their surroundings.”
- Jun